1. On days you crave a hearty home-cooked meal but don’t want to deal with the time and stress of cleaning up, a one-skillet dish can be a life-saver. It’s great way to cut down on dishes while feeding a whole family without sacrificing flavor. And this easy pasta skillet checks off that box.

  2. Awesome recipes, the only confusing part was that the name of the dish being made comes at the end instead of the beginning,

  3. Tried this today! Its yummy! Thank you so much for this amazing pasta recipes and it is best combination with Respi support tea from PLANET AYURVEDA which is 100% natural

  4. ven if some of them become Weekly or Monthly Meal Prep & are frozen in portions. Not all of us have vast freezer space though!

  5. All Pasta Looks So Delicious Yummy Specially Prawns & Sausages Pasta 🍝 Mouth Watering 🤤 Loveeeeeed it 😍🙌😋

  6. I wanted to watch this with my bff but then they betrayed me and said "u so annoying, dooodie snicer more fun than u" I miss u Shawn pls come back home 🏠 and ur family 🥺🥬🥜👌👋

  7. penne a la vodka is best served with pork belly in it, soaks up the vodka flavor but keeps the fatty pork flavor too

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