10-Minute Cream Cheese Pasta

10-Minute Cream Cheese Pasta

This easy and quick cream cheese pasta requires only 5 ingredients and it’s ready in 10 minutes. The perfect delicious and creamy weeknight meal!
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  1. I just finished making this creamy cheese pasta, and its creamy but it’s so sour, the cream cheese made it very sour

  2. I just made it, it was horrible, it tasted bitter and I hated the olive oil and parmesan, next time I’ll leave those out, in fact I don’t think I’ll bother anymore

  3. Do I have to add garlic to this recipe? I can’t eat garlic. I was just wondering if it will would be wise to cook the cream cheese in oil still, or not add the oil.

  4. Looks amazing (and i am italian:) ) try to put a bit of Gorgonzola or blue cheese if you are in the mood for a variation, it will blow your mind

  5. I bought some cream cheese.. I got pasta and just got frozen jumbo shrimp … ima put my Lil twist to it lol

  6. The cold Philadelphia cream cheese should be okay to use right for this recipe? Looks really good, wanna try it right noww!

  7. Delicious I always make it that way and me and my cousin likes it honestly I don’t see many people making it this way but it taste amazing

  8. Delicious. Just made it. Philadelphia cream cheese is best. I substituted penne pasta and added Italian sausage. VERY easy and tasty recipe.

  9. I am sooooo excited to make this!! I think I am going to garnish with some chives & "everything but the bagel" seasoning… Thank you! 😋 ✌ 💘

  10. Such a tasty meal!! I just couldn’t stop eating it. I substituted with macaroni noodles and added more spices.. Perfect, thanks!

  11. WOW quick & easy. I’m going to make this. I think I’ll add some frozen peas to my sauce 🙂 I’ll let U know how it turns out !

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