200 Calorie Meal Ideas // How To Eat 200 Calories In A Meal

200 Calorie Meal Ideas // How To Eat 200 Calories In A Meal

200 calorie meal ideas, how to eat 200 calories in a meal

If you’re looking for meal ideas (or snack ideas) that equal to 200 calories, then you’re in the right video! In this video, I show you guys 5 meal ideas that equal to 200 calories. You can eat these as a whole meal or a snack, depending on your goal and metabolism.

These meals are designed to keep you full so you don’t binge eat throughout the day. If the calories are too low, I give alternatives at the end of each meal to increase the calories, so hard gainers, I did not forget about you!

Try these 200 calorie meals out and let me know what you think!

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1:28 Meal One – Boiled Eggs With Veggies
2:39 Meal Two – Banana & Peanuts
4:04 Meal Three – Chicken Salad
7:04 Meal Four – Greek Yogurt With Strawberry & Banana
8:51 Meal Five – Strawberry Smoothie
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  1. i eish they made small portions of things to buy for peanut butter or other high kcal food because i will binge if i buy it otherwise

  2. I really like your vedios,, l hope you Will be more than million subscribe 😍😍❀️❀️

  3. I was searching for a good recipes for dinner , but i guess i found a lot of idea to make my meal plan , thank u very muvh

  4. New subscriber. Just found your video, excellent recipes πŸ‘πŸ‘I’m starting 5.2 diet and found these very helpful.

  5. The first 200 cal meal I made was a low-calorie tortilla wrap (100 cal) with a boiled egg, half a red bell pepper, 6 cherry tomatoes and sprinkle of salad dressing. Tasted amazing, but it was over so quickly…

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