5 Slimming World Low Syn & Easy Lunch Ideas | Slimming World Lunch Video | Healthy Lunch Ideas | GF

5 Slimming World Low Syn & Easy Lunch Ideas | Slimming World Lunch Video | Healthy Lunch Ideas | GF

Hi everyone

I do hope everyone is OK.

I asked on my Instagram page what other videos people would be interested in seeing and I had several requests for some different lunch ideas. So I filmed all 5 of my lunches for this week that are all super easy and quick to make and low in syns.

Please feel free to check out my videos if not already done so.

Come say hi on my Instagram if not already following my account username is louise_may_journey

The link is: https://www.instagram.com/louise_may_journey/

I post daily on my Instagram of Slimming World content and lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy this video.

To contact pls email: louslimmingworld9@gmail.com

Thankyou for watching and stay safe ❤️


  1. Thank you Louise I’ve tried a few off your lunches and dinners now enjoying them on slimming world I was thinking what shall I have today but I think I’m gonna have pitta pizza keep sharing your ideas there fab x

  2. Fantastic meals, you have given me some great ideas. Out of the 3 meals a day I always struggle with lunch the most on what.to eat. Thanks so much. x

  3. Morning Louise, great ideas, i always seem to be having the same things everyday, so i will try some new ones, thanks xx

  4. Thank you for this video, could I ask what do you have for breakfast when you have your heB for lunch? xxx

  5. Some lovely lunch ideas Louise. These are the type of things I have too, then a bigger meal in the evening. Food is one of our main focuses at the moment, it feels like we’re constantly eating so it definitely needs to be healthy 🤣🥰😊

  6. Great ideas, tfs x
    I tend to be a bit boring when it comes to lunchtime it’s either soup or a salad !

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