1. For mozzarella sticks you didn’t mention what the wrapper was. Subtitles on others but not on this one.

  2. I made the Mac n cheese and I don’t recommend UNLESS you have the same ingredients, very creative. And don’t add to much cheese because it’s too thick and cross.

  3. Ik this is 4 years late but thank you for ruining my lunch break, day, and my confidence in food making, all in one go for the mac and cheese one… It was so bad but I just kept eating it bc I was hungry💀

  4. macaroni – 0:08
    mozzarella sticks – 0:39
    bbq chicken nachos – 0:57
    cheesecake – 1:22
    chicken tortilla – 2:12
    banana chocolate french toast – 2:47
    omlette – 3:13

  5. It’s 3 in the morning and I’m making Mac &cheese.this better be good edit:this took more than five minutes but it’s good

  6. Me walking into my moms room in the middle of the night
    Mamma can you help me close this
    Slaps me and tells me to go to bed😅

  7. For the Mac and cheese it took me 10 minutes to make but I boiled my pasta. I had some milk left in the bowl so less milk, I also had to add more cheese. 7/10 better Mac and cheese than Kraft

  8. Just an advice if your Mac and cheese is floating just take out all the water and place cold water than it will do and it did not take 2 min it’s took about 8 min in the microwave lol 😂

  9. Make this top comment so people will see this. For the mac & cheese one. I did follow most of the recipes but first I put it in the microwave for one minute and then I will put it in for 30 seconds. every 30 seconds I stirred it up till It was ready mine took about 3 1/2 minutes to cook. the water doesn’t matter how much you put in it because you could always drain it out. then after it was finish cooking I put in the milk it doesn’t matter how much milk but I did about 2 tablespoons and I sprinkled cheese in it stirred it up and just put some on top and put in the microwave for 30 seconds and then I put in some more milk because The cheese in the mac & cheese was very blocky, so that was about it. Make this top comment. Hope this helped sorry bad English. you’re welcome.

  10. When u made it I had to put one more minute to cook the Mac and cheese but then after it turned out really good Definitely took much longer than I though it would 😂

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