8 Breakfast Recipes for 6-12 Month Babies | Weight Gaining Foods for Babies |

8 Breakfast Recipes for 6-12 Month Babies | Weight Gaining Foods for Babies |

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Welcome to my Channel, In my Channel i have shared various Recipes.
8 BREAKFAST RECIPES are Shared in this Video.
Healthy Routine for your Baby is very Important, So WATCH this Video …It will be Helpful for you.

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Cook – Eat – Happy – Repeat

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  1. Please don’t recommend jaggery for babies under 1, babies must not have any form of added sugar under the age of 1… Otherwise good recipes…

  2. When it comes to cook baby food avoid non-stick pan.. even very good quality products containing toxic chemicals

  3. Hello dear
    Can I use coconut milk for the recepies? And can we roast suji in advance,make oats powder?and for how long can we keep this?Your reply would be appreciated.

  4. All the recipes are superb.. But I would like to point out two things.

    1. Please avoid cooking in non stick pan with that plastic spoon because it causes serious health issues even for adults. So kindly avoid using it atleast while making baby food.

    2. Fresh coconut milk is healthier than any full cream milk especially for babies under 1 year.

  5. Nice..
    I hv a doubt as i heard we cnt gv cow milk bfore 1yr to baby nd cnt boil formula milk or breast milk

  6. Hii, can we use BM to cook milk recipes as my baby is 7 months and I have not introduced any other milk to him.

  7. Never Add sugar or salt for babies under 1 year , above 1 yrs is ok
    Babies don’t need sugar or salt in their diet as they need very little amount which is gained through their breast milk or formula milk , under 1 yrs
    of age so please avoid it.

  8. I’m not able to follow as it is very fast going and also bcoz of music applause text on screen.. Plz help

  9. Mam mera baby 6 month ka ho gaya he use de sakti hu,,,or aapne vedeo bohat hi fast banae he jldi samaj nahi aata,,plz bolke bata dete to achha hota

  10. Absolutely delicious recipe great sense of cooking
    beautiful presentation looks so tempting thank you stay
    blessed with lots of happiness sending thousands of prayers for you😊😊

  11. The video is very very helpful. But just a suggestion, please lower the speed, some line are going very fast & are unable to read the important points.😊
    Thanks for this nice and helpful video.

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