Jack Monroe's lasagne ready-meal challenge | Guardian Recipes

Jack Monroe's lasagne ready-meal challenge | Guardian Recipes

Austerity food blogger Jack Monroe attempts to cook a lasagne for less money than the price of a supermarket ready meal.
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With people pushed for both time and money, many of us have come to rely on processed convenience food. But Monroe attempts to prove that, with a little effort, you can make cheaper, tastier and healthier versions of the same dishes in your own kitchen.

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  1. Hey Jack, saw you on FB and interested in your vegetable curry but didn’t understand the spices. Could you possiblly post the ingrediants below your videos.

  2. Thank you for all the recipes Jack. I really struggle with cooking, it’s not just the cooking side it’s the prepping, ingredients and the cooking. I have Dyspraxia and struggle with this. I’m 27 and still can’t peel veg. Eventually I gave up peeling them. I love to follow your recipes, I’m on a extreme budget and simple enough for me to try and follow along.

  3. youre supposed to cook tomato paste out, you cant add it raw to things without cooking, your tomato sauce will taste weak because of this – signed, an angry italian

  4. Looks awesome … will try as well as your kidney carrot burgers after next shop.. newbie to your channel. 🥰

  5. I think all you people that have ;posted negative comments have obviously forgotten that she is cooking ‘on a budget’ and doing her best to produce tasty meals with the minimum ingredients. Something that is very much appreciated by people like myself who ‘subsist’ literally on pennies – give the girl a break !!

  6. Found a girl called jack book for 7p on charity book stall. This way of cooking has totally changed my relationship with food and the way I shop and cook. I recommend this to everyone I meet. It means I come in on budget every month and can afford to live. It’s nothing short of revolutionary. Well done to jack keep up the good work. You are truly an inspiration and life saver to anyone really struggling to afford to eat

  7. Ok why pork mince. Turkey is much cheaper. Tinned tomatoes rather than puray more vitamins. Why not super cheap cheddar from Lidl or aldi for the topping? Why not add frozen veg to bulk it out add vitamins?

  8. Oh nooooo! That is not how you cook bolognese or in general tomato sauce! You need to fry the meat, then add the tomato (without water!!!) and keep frying it in oil until the tomato gets brown. Then after you fryed the tomato ad water. This and nothing else will create the real tomato sauce flavour. You have to caramelise the tomato when you want to have a real sauce. Otherwise your sauce tastes like canned tomato with water and not like a real sauce…
    Cost the same and taste not cheap.

    Well the book is for British people. They are easy to please. It is more about how heavy food feels in your stomach afterwards not about taste.
    Spice some minced meat with a bit of salt, sugar and vinegar, put it on the pasta with some peas and they are happy.
    Therefore tomato paste solved in water is something really great in British cuisine…

  9. People think Parmesan cheese is posh and expensive. Because you’d only need a tiny amount, and can combine it with cheaper cheese, it works out as good value. It also lasts for months in a container the fridge.

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