These 15 Minute Dinners Will Change Your Life

These 15 Minute Dinners Will Change Your Life

00:00 – Intro
00:53 – Pasta
05:30 – Quesadilla
09:06 – Noodle Sitr Fry
12:39 – Wings & Salad

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Part Two –

The complete breakdown and recipes for this video

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  1. I can defntly say ! We something in common whenever I need an egg I also go to my back yard and grab those eggs ! looking forward to making these for my family> I wont let my last grape tomatoes I bought from Trader Joes go to waste !

  2. Now that meal doesn’t take long to cook but the washing up after, added to cooking time is definitely more than just 15 mins of my time…nice kitchen by they way…❤

  3. Love this – with one caveat: there are no recipes and the recipe link in the description is broken. I am learning to cook Asian foods, working on figuring out how to generate desired flavors and sauces. Unfortunately, no measurements are provided for anything. Just a splash of this, a little bit of that, etc. I tried to replicate the stir fry and failed miserably in terms of flavor. I would love it if you would indicate quantities of ingredients. The lack of actual recipes is very frustrating. If you are not going to list the ingredients in the description, please make sure the links work, or at least throw up an image with ingredient quantities at the start of the recipe. Otherwise, these videos are great. I love your style and the way you improv recipes. I know this make it hard to know how much of things you use. Providing at least a general guideline (a half cup of this, a tablespoon of that, etc) would be really helpful. Thanks!

  4. 6:45. I hope the mesuring cup in which you poured the burning hot bacon fat was made of glass and not of plastic like I suspect otherwise you’re in for a ‘healthy’ dose of plastic leaching into the fat… and you eating it…

  5. Dinner sorted. Gonna do the stir fry, just substitute some ingredients, I have a bag of stirfry already chopped. And don’t have rice noodles, so 2 Minute Noodles will have to do. Yummy!

  6. No why I am on this channel is because I don’t have alot of time because I live in South Africa we have loadshedding so I need something quick and easy 🙀

  7. Looking for a good place for some new recipes. As soon as you said "I don’t have a G.D. fork," I’m out. No class.

  8. when you show us you handling raw meat, you should really include food safety steps (washing hands, cleaning the utensils, etc) in the video! Cleaning up after handling hazardous food is much more important than just having a moment to clean the dishes when you have time, right?

  9. Dam….maybe I should start making videos… a million of these "hacks" and ideas and I’m not boring lol

  10. Made your cherri tomatoe pasta last night, the kids LOVED it, ate the whole pot. Thank you for the concept of 15 minutes dinners.

  11. This was was disappointing. I was looking for real meals that would feed 4 people in 15 minutes. I guess if you are feeding one person or a small child these could work, but he doesn’t really use meat and I have a huge problem with that. It’s mostly carbs and I don’t really want a carb heavy dish.

  12. I really enjoy watching you.
    However Its not classy & very offensive when you use GODs name in vain. Just thought Id mention it. Hopefully it makes a difference. I really don’t want to unsubscribe.

  13. This is really encouraging. So many "quick" recipes online take hours still when you count all the prep time. I’ve been cooking for the household for years, and it’s so time-consuming. Just found this channel, and it’s got me excited about cooking again.

  14. That’s a lot of oil in the pan.
    If I make this for dinner my partner would complain because it has no meat at all.

  15. Thank you for the quick recipes. (Not sure if you’re aware that you said “GD”? That was unnecessary and distracts from your helpful information.)

  16. Hey 🙂 Why isnt there a online page anymore with the things to buy and the recipe written down? Its unconfortabale only to have the video to show of the things to do 😞

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